6 Powerful Ways to Increase Engagement

Author: Camryne Washington

Today, there are 3.2 billion people who use social media every day. This means there's an abundance of followers waiting for you. Building a following not only solidifies your business legitimacy, but it also creates brand awareness, bringing in new and existing customers. To attract those followers, companies need a stable social media engagement. Want to increase yours? Then read our 6 powerful ways to increase engagement.


  1. Scheduling posts at the right time is crucial: Figure out what time of day your followers are most engaged on social media. Dead times where there are fewer people active will create low engagement.
  2. Create a visually pleasing post: Consumers like to look at things that catch their attention. Before you post your next picture on Instagram, think about if that picture would spark your interest if you were any random person. 
  3. Use relevant hashtags: Hashtags are a great way to be discovered by compatible people. By using related hashtags based on your industry, you allow for other users to find you. It's suggested to use between 2 to 5 hashtags that way you don't appear spammy. 
  4. Show off fan and customer content: Sharing their content can help build customer relationships further. Maybe the user is raving about your products or showing how they're using your product. Promoting them can be a great way to advance yourself by presenting new and current customers that you cherish them.
  5. Cross-promote on other platforms: Your followers on twitter are not the same followers on Instagram or Facebook. Make sure you're promoting your one social media account on another to make sure that your followers are on all your accounts. 
  6. Track social media engagement: It's obvious, but it's true. Make sure you're understanding which content is producing the best reaction. This will help you utilize what's best for your customers.


In the end, these tips should help boost your following. Take your time and if things don't change after two to four months, try another approach. Do you want personalized help in social media engagement? Let Ioshka Media help you become your best! We specialize in SEO, social media optimization, and everything in between. Contact us here and we will help get you started on the right track!

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