Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

Pay-Per-Click Campaigns, also known as Paid Ads are the fastest route to appear on the top of search engine results. Pay per click ads are the ads first visible on the top of search engine results, usually accompanied by a small green “Ad” box. Paid search is fundamental for generating immediate traffic, leads and sales. At, Ioshka Media, we are a PPC marketing agency that delivers our clients efficient campaigns designed specifically to target qualified audience and increase overall sales. Our skilled PPC Management team ensures to build relevant, intelligently-targeted campaigns to help your business appear first to customers eyes and leave a long-lasting impression.

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About Pay Per Click

The fact is, the top 3 paid ad on a page get 46% of the clicks on the page. This statistic just proves how important and influential paid ads are. Pay per click ads drive immediate response, and is especially beneficial if you are looking to increase traffic to your website over a short period of time. PPC cost rates are determined by the number of viewers that click on the advertisement, however, it generally varies between clients as it largely dependent on the industry, business type, and the networks in which it is being advertised. At Ioshka Media, we incorporate powerful ad techniques to your campaign(s) to immediately generate traffic and grasp your target audience. Our skilled PPC Management team manages each pay per click campaign that is produced based on proper research and analysis to establish a better understanding of your web users and potential clients. Proper analysis of your brand’s objectives, qualified audience, demographics and more, allows us to deliver ads that are tailored specifically to your business needs in order to achieve maximizing results.

Our PPC Management team organizes smart PPC campaigns to ensure you are able to attract leads and sales to your business. Using a consistent and compelling message that combines the right keywords, ad messaging and site experience, we are able to help our clients attract potential leads and generate more sales than ever before. We work closely with our clients to help ensure that the ads we create are responsive and effective no matter what their budget may be. At Ioshka Media, we show our clients their value by interactively monitoring and evaluating their performances, and providing them with reports of their campaign’s performance. Let us use our years of expertise to help your business reach success, because your PPC success is our ultimate success.



We first connect on a personal level with each one of our clients to learn about their business’ campaigns history and objectives. We also help them discover who their competitors are and the type of audience that their business is attracting. The discovery phase allows us to get to know our clients better in order to meet with their pay per click campaigns expectations.


After we perform an in-depth research on your business, our PPC team of experts then begins to build a strategic plan for the campaigns that would best fit your business. Each campaign plan has an objective focus on keywords intent, landing pages, and performance to ensure that your ads maximize proper results.


Our dedicated team of advertising specialists employ advanced technologies, responsive visual designs and keyword driven content to produce next-level campaign intelligence. At Ioshka Media, we produce creative and clever campaigns that are unique to each and every one of our clients.


The launch of your campaign is extremely vital as factors such as time and location could greatly impact the success of it. Based on your business goals & needs, we schedule and organize your pay per click campaign in a manner that will ensure a successful launch on all fronts. We ensure that each campaign we launch is executed at a specific time and place that will produce the most effective results to your business.


Our PPC management team uses a variety of monitoring tools to analyze and measure the effectiveness of PPC ads and campaigns performance on all platforms. We closely monitor ad performance and make needed modifications on existent campaigns if needed.


We provide our clients an in-depth report of all active and inactive campaigns of their business to help them better understand the performance of their PPC ads. Performance reports also helps us get a good measurement of what to expect from the campaigns and which types of pay per click ads will work best for high conversion rates. Our biggest accomplishment is when our clients come to a clear understanding of the metrics provided on the report.


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