Digital Marketing is Extremely Crucial To Your Business. Here's Why:

Author: Camryne Washington 

As much as traditional marketing routes like billboards, TVs, and printed advertising were once king, they’ve slowly lost their popularity. The rise of tech has lead marketing to take on new forms. Digital marketing is taking over, constantly growing, and changing marketing by providing new ways to expand business. In today’s world, putting your presence online means everything. It’s how you can expand your reach, grow your audience, and build your brand. To understand why digital marketing is important, first, we need to define it.  


What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing, also known as online marketing, is the practice of creating a channel for potential and existing customers to interact with a business online. Channels can be anything from search engines, blog posts, emails, text messages, even social media. 


Why Digital Marketing?

 1. Connect with customers

The great part about digital marketing is that it uses technology to connect with the client. For example, some businesses use social media to remedy customer problems, provide help, or thank them for their positive remarks. Not only is this convenient for customers but it can enhance their perception of the establishment. They’ll see your business as a company that cares about their image and takes care of their consumers. Incorporating digital marketing into your marketing strategy can help enhance the customer experience which can be better for your business in the long-run.


2. In-Depth Analytics

 Traditional marketing, sometimes, doesn’t give you the option to personalize . You print a few ads and hope the target audience comes to you. You know it’s going out to 500 to 1000 people but do you know where it’s going to or the age of the people who are seeing it? With digital marketing, you can create the content and fine tune it to distribute it to exactly who you want by location, age, and gender. Data such as engagement-rate and CTR (Click-Through Rate) can help you determine how to perfect and fine tune your content. You’ll be able to get a better understanding of how to make your brand stand out to drive conversions you want to see. 


3. Expand Your Visibility

 Did you know that over 4 billion people use the internet? There’s opportunity everywhere to reach people far and wide.You’ll be able to reach customers beyond your storefront.  Even on a local scale, digital marketing can expand customer reach which can be beneficial to small and medium sized businesses. 


4. Cost Effective

 Though you can pay for ads online, as part of your digital marketing strategy, you can still make an impact to reach your audience for free.  Posting content on your website or sharing content on social media is a great way to utilize the free platform and organically grow your brand. Even if you still prefer to run ads,  traditional advertising is expensive, it can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars with little to no return. Running digital advertisements usually cost significantly less and can have higher conversions than traditional advertising channels.


5. Flexibility To Branch Out

 From emails to Instagram to PPC (Pay-per-click) ads, there’s so much you can do with digital marketing to bring in customers. It helps to diversify your digital marketing outlets so you can test and determine which channel works better and how you can improve it. 


Digital marketing can set your brand apart from the competition when it’s done right. Your competitors are already on the digital marketing track, why don’t you get on to? Technology is advancing and is going to make significant improvements in the way we market. Need help improving your digital strategy? Contact Ioshka Media so we can improve your business.

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