How Can Google My Business Help Advance My Businesses And Organic Results?

Author: Liron Avrahami

Once you have a verified business profile on Google my business, you can now enjoy several benefits that no other tool in the market can offer:


  1. Advance your brand in search results

Anytime someone searches your business on google, GMB raises the hierarchy of your profile along with the organic results to the top of search results. This gives you the feeling that you have successfully integrated into the search results while capturing your place, an irreplaceable branding operation.

Google has also incorporated the options for getting quotes, leads and even direct purchases through the Google my business profile.


  1. Greater exposure to local searches

If a user searches for 'sushi in New York', he will receive the top 3 map/GMB profiles. This type of result is called the Local 3 Pack, where we want to be and appear on queries relevant to our business.

We can increase our chances of appearing in this package if we keep our GMB profile updated with information about the business, with additional references to the brand name/company (phone, address).


  1. Gain positive reviews

You're exposed to reviews from people in the digital world once you've created your business profile.

In order to appear in the relevant searches of your business you must accumulate as many positive reviews as possible, especially now in a time when most surfers rely on online recommendations.


  1. Analyzing the behavior of surfers

Google My Business gives you the tools needed to track your website’s traffic and view valuable insights stats on a monthly basis. The tools provide valuable information such as:

- Number of phone calls, site logins, and navigation count through the profile

- The amount of people who directly searched for the brand name and address.

- An option to differentiate searches performed through the engine and through Google Maps.

- Comparison mechanism with similar businesses 


  1. Building a website

As of today, 60% of small and medium businesses around the world have no website (according to Google). Having an online presence is extremely imperative in order to truly compete within the business marketplace. It is essentially your company’s business card, and you want to make sure you leave a long-lasting impression on your potential customers.  


  1. Update posts

There is a management interface where you can publish special offers and announcements, short texts and pictures to attract the eye of potential customers.


  1. About the business

There is the possibility to briefly write about your business (up to 750 characters) that will be displayed regularly on Google + of the business. This allows web surfers to get to know your business and connect on a more personal level. 


Last words

Often the question is 'Why doesn't my profile appear next to the search results?'

Well if this question has surfaced your mind, this means that something is not working with your GMB profile and we can help you fix that. At Ioshka Media - a company for advertising and digital marketing- we offer you a tool that provides amazing promotion options along with important statistics that can not be obtained anywhere else. 

Google My Business has become an important and integral component of any organic SEO campaign and it is essential that you do not miss out on this FREE tool that could seriously improve your business. If you need help setting up your profile or updating it with information, contact one of our agents and we will assist you with that. 

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