Calling All Local Businesses: Why You Need to Be Google Guaranteed

Author: Camryne Washington 

It seems like there’s no end to the amount of Google add-ons that your business needs to excel. There's Google My Business, Google Ads, Google Analytics, and now, Google Guaranteed. 

Starting in 2016, Google created Google Guaranteed to protect customers and reduce the risk of fraudulent service providers who pose as a legitimate business. Service providers such as locksmiths or plumbers would put their ads on google, advertising low rates. However, people noticed when they received services, those cheap rates were false, and they were hit with a bill that was three to four times higher than the estimated cost. 

Unfortunately, fraud problems still occur but thanks to Google, you can stand out amongst the scammers and be the company people can trust by going Google Guaranteed. 


What is Google Guaranteed? 

If you have ever searched for a service provider in your local area, you’ll notice that there’s various businesses listed at the top of your search results. 

If you look closely at the first two or three listings, do you know what they have in common? 

They’re all Google Guaranteed.

Google Guaranteed is a verification system that companies go through to verify their legitimacy. When a business initially signs-up for Local Service Ads, they only input basic information such as business name, address, telephone number, etc. This information is only to set up your local listing. To officially be a Google Guaranteed service provider, you must get a background check.


 How to Get Google Guaranteed

Depending on the industry, Google conducts background checks, certifies licenses, and confirms insurance coverage. 

Currently these industries can qualify for the guarantee badge:

  • Appliance repair
  • Auto glass
  • Car repair
  • Carpet & Upholstery cleaning
  • Electrician
  • Estate lawyer
  • Event planners
  • Financial planners
  • Garage door
  • House cleaning
  • HVAC
  • Immigration Law
  • Junk removal
  • Lawn care
  • Locksmith
  • Moving
  • Pest control
  • Pet boarding
  • Pet grooming
  • Photographers
  • Plumber
  • Real estate agents
  • Roofing
  • Tree service
  • Water damage services
  • Window cleaning
  • Window repair

Google has certain requirements for each industry, make sure to check what you need. Keep in mind, processing can take 2 to 3 weeks. It’s best to get started on the verification process immediately after you create your account.


How Does Google Guaranteed Work? 

Once a business is verified, Google puts the guaranteed badge on their listing. Local listings on Google are ads that are similar to regular PPC, or pay-per-click ads. Both appear above organic  search results and are meant to convert consumers to buyers. Google places higher importance on ads that are Google Guaranteed above other local listings. Even if you click the button to find more local service providers, you’ll see other verified companies at the top and all the non-verified ones towards the bottom. 

Some factors such as review score, the number of reviews, your responsiveness to customer questions, and proximity to customers can affect your ad rank. A better reputation will give you a higher rank position. If you are lucky enough to have a high ad rank, your ad can be one of the top ones that appear on the first page of the search results which can turn into more lead conversions. The cost of running these ads can vary by your industry


Benefits Of Google Guaranteed

 Pay-Per-Lead is A Great Alternative To PPC

  • Unlike regular Google Ads, home service ads are different because they are pay-per-lead ads (PPL). PPL is when a company pays for every valid lead. Valid leads can be receiving phone calls or getting a text from a customer. If you’ve ever known the headache that can be PPC (Pay-per-click) ads where they can easily eat at your budget, you can come to find PPL is a perferable alternative. You don’t have to rely on picking and choosing the right keywords. Google leads people exactly to your ad based off your business, the service the customer is looking for, and proximity to the customer. Plus, Google spreads out your leads so that you’re not spending your budget quickly.

You Look Like A Trusted Business

  • Customers know when they see that green badge under your ad, they’re in the right hands. They know you’ve been verified and you’re a reliable service. If your reviews are positive, this can ease a customers mind and influence them to pick you. The last thing anyone ever wants to find out is that the person they’re hiring isn’t capable of doing the job. And the best part of Google Guaranteed is that they can cover up to $2,000 lifetime coverage on claims. This can give customers an additional piece of mind before they book with you.

You Will Stand Out

  • Surprisingly, it’s easy to find companies without the Google Guaranteed badge which is only unfavorable for them. With the badge you can be seen amongst the un-verified as a company that cares about having a reputable image. You already know that verified businesses stay at the top. This will increase your exposure, especially, if your ad is on the first page results and has positive reviews.



Even after reading this and you're still wondering if Google Guaranteed is worth it? The answer is yes. This is a great way to set your business apart from the rest. Your business relies on your reputation. Keep your image in good standing and let the leads come crawling in.

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