Content Writing Tips To Boost Your SEO

Author: Maria Paula Gonzales


Have you ever procrastinated a writing piece until the very last minute just because you had no idea on how to even start it? I feel like this is extremely common but not talked about enough. Of course being productive and having a marketing tactics list all laid out is the ideal way to go but not everybody thinks the same way so it can be overwhelming as a content writer when you are constantly having to put out articles regarding different topics on a weekly or even daily basis, depending on what you’re working on. First things first, let's learn how to write content with a few tips that have personally been helping me along the way. 


One of the first things I always do before even writing a sentence for my piece is research! It’s key to make the information you’re writing about relevant to your demographic audience. The more accurate information you have the more your readers will engage and relate to the topic. It’s also helpful if you share some type of personable story if it’s relevant to what you’re writing about.


Before starting to write it’s also helpful to pick out the top seo keywords regarding your topic. Why is keyword research important? Using keywords to make the piece flow lets your readers and the search engines know what your post is about. Including keyword abundant phrases as well should give you major points in the title because that’s the first thing the reader sees and what draws them to click for more information. 


When writing articles and different pieces of content, topics will vary but if you’re specifically working for a brand or a company that focuses within a theme it’s essential to establish your voice as a writer. The voice of the writer refers to the overall personality and emotion within the brand. This goes from your marketing activities to the social interactions you have with your readers online. How to improve content marketing? Any moment you interact with your audience it’s necessary to stick to the language and tone so there is continuity. This will help your content marketing outreach since your audience becomes familiar with the brand and a bond is formed causing people to come back more than once. 


So to speak, if you’re the social media manager or even content writer for a brand/company you are technically the voice of the company in the digital perspective. That’s a huge deal because the attitude you emit will be received through the screen to the reader. This is why it is crucial to be intentional with the words you type and put out. Creating a positive space for your brand is fundamental. 


Now when I say positive, that doesn’t mean all your posts need to be happy. If every so often you find that it is crucial for your company to speak up about a topic that needs more awareness, the floor is yours. This is a great way on how to improve your content marketing, by using your platform to spread the word about a topic that’s maybe not so happy but engaging while also exciting. This can definitely bring in a new audience, customers, and readers.

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