The Power Of Google My Business On SEO

Author: Maria Paula Gonzales


Building a business from the ground up is an accomplishment of its own, even more so if you’re considered what they call a ‘local business’. You might be asking yourself, what is a local business? According to Business Dictionary,A company which provides goods or services to a local population. Though most often used when referring to a locally-owned business, the term may also be used to describe a franchise or corporate branch operating within a local area”. Now that you’ve established your business and you’re open to the public it’s time to focus on the next big thing: expanding your social media presence as a local business. 


It’s no secret that social media platforms are all the rage right now, from Twitter accounts’ viral tweets to a plethora of Instagram stories from your favorite Instagram personalities or companies. But what about the local businesses that don’t have multiple locations around the world for people to access? Should local businesses like bakeries, vintage stores, and services self promote themselves online for a broader audience? I think the answer is definitely yes. A few decades ago, business owners would say no I believe because they were said to be loyal to local customers only. Living in 2019 where so much of what we do is internet and search based it’s important to give the business the opportunity to grow since we are so lucky to have the access that we do to massive amounts of data.


Now that you’ve agreed to help move your local business forward it’s time to learn what tools are available to know about and learn as it evolves everyday.


Google My Business is crucial to know about for wanting to expand your business. It’s a free and easy tool for businesses to have control over their online presence across Google. This will allow you to verify and edit any type of information like store/business hours, contact information, photos, and location. A few decades back without this facility it was Yellow Pages or asking a local in the area for directions and more about the destination. With this tool, Google My Business, there is also the opportunity to have a back and forth with customers who decide to leave reviews regarding your business. The power of online reviews with GMB determines how your business is viewed online, in a negative or positive lens.  


Reviews that contain keywords are known to be the second biggest SEO factor for leading where a local business shows up in the “local pack”. Following reviews, questions and answers will also pop up in search results if they feature keywords that benefit your SEO. It’s important to remember that engagement is between two people, getting back to your customers is when they leave feedback whether it is positive or negative. It is hinted by GMB that this affects SEO rankings but it is not confirmed. Nevertheless, your response to a customer’s feedback can get them to change a negative review to a positive which is always important to strive for. 


As mentioned before, reviews matter for reasons beyond SEO. It is known through research that ratings and reviews are the number one factor consumers use when choosing between local businesses. So it is no surprise that the better your reviews the more website traffic you’ll get, which will boost your SEO ranking. This tool can better your business’ visibility through local SEO, it provides opportunities to connect with new audiences, and help understand online customer behavior regarding your business and service. 


An added bonus to having the GMB feature active is also having your business participating in more than one social media platform so you are at a high chance of reaching customers from different demographics. You may be asking yourself, what are the top social media platforms? Local businesses should be present on the main platforms like Instagram can offer short-term and long-term benefits. It’s important to gain loyal customers in the short-term and use the platform to act as a personalized version of the website which can help to deepen the connection with customers in the long run. Facebook is the platform that started having business online as a trend. It should be a priority to have a Facebook business Page since this also can boost SEO and online visibility, your local business can get to Google’s front page because of Facebook. 


Local businesses are learning as time goes by that having a social media platform and using the appropriate tools are fundamental ways to create more visibility. The main goal at the end of the day is to have long lasting loyal customers who are willing to come back for your product or service as well as making it easier for the 2019 customers to access information about your business.

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