Ways To Help Build Your Small Business On Social Media

Author: Maria Paula Gonzales

Big companies and brands like Wendy’s or Forever 21 has created a platform on social media appropriate for the audience they are directing themselves towards. Whether you go on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube, you will find an account for these big companies. Why is a social media presence so important? 


Having a social media presence is crucial nowadays with how fast we are consuming data. For example, Wendy’s recently relaunched their Spicy Chicken Nuggets which was very awaited by their loyal customers. The day these Nuggets were launched they had a great social media presence interacting with their customers on Twitter as well as posting promo videos on Youtube and Instagram. This of course helps spread the word in a far more faster way. Now, why do small businesses need social media? 


Small businesses need social media for various different reasons, having the privilege of being able to utilize social media helps build brand awareness and increase your customer base. At the same time you connect with the current happy customers you can promote new launches, promotions, and future projects. It’s no harm to have that small circle of customers who always come in and you get the same traffic with no change, it feels local and organic. Nevertheless, wouldn’t it be even better if you could triplicate those sales and influx by engaging online with customers that live a bit farther, are out of town, or maybe are foreign? That’s a win win in my book.  


If you are new to this world of how businesses use social media for marketing it is also useful when brands post video content instead of just captions and images. This shows the company is investing time and money in creating content for their online audience to engage in. 86 percent of businesses use video on their website, and 77 percent use video on social media, according to VIdyard stats. 


While social media is being used as a platform for pushing your small business it also gives you the luxury of building a great bridge of communication with your audience and customers and develop loyal customers that are willing to return. Collaborating with influencers or content creators with a good base following is a savvy way to build each other up while also promoting your product or service. Influencers share their personal opinion and experience with the product you provided them and share with their following. 


It’s a known fact majority of audiences or customers don’t like the idea of being “sold” to, but when they’re hooked on something nobody’s stopping them from buying. A smart way to have a good amount of people to keep coming back is if you find a way to provide some type of free valuable content to your audience on social media to build that trust you strive to have and provoke loyal customers to come back and new customers to be intrigued. Articles with data and information that’s enticing, free events, or any type of tutorials with recipes depending on your business. 


Remember, not all social media strategies work for everybody. There is no perfect effective social media marketing plan for small businesses because everybody’s niche is different and has distinctive needs. It’s key to try out all platforms and see what fits best for your service and make it grow from there.

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