Which Social Media Platform Best Suits My Business? A Complete Breakdown

Author: Liron Avrahami 


Today, 73% of marketers say social media is 'very important' or 'somewhat important' to their business. Its influence is slowly increasing each day and doesn't seem to be slowing down! Most companies maintain between four and ten social profiles that they need to keep up with social media, whether it's on Twitter or Instagram. These multiple accounts are a great way to not only solidify your brand legitimacy but also to diversify your audience. 

No two platforms will have the same type of influence. Some posts might be well received, have higher engagement on Instagram versus Facebook, and vice versa. Having multiple accounts can help you learn how to create custom content that works for each platform and help to grow your fan base on each platform. But how do you know which one is right for you? That's a great question! With so many different options, it can feel overwhelming to know which to choose. 

In this article, we will discuss three various platforms, how they work, and their benefits. Let’s take a look at some of our options. 



It's no secret that every business needs Facebook. It's still the most popular social media site out there. Like Google My Business, you can put your companies location, contact information, and website. Even if you don't have a website having a Facebook page can be a great start. You can still post content that will show up in your followers' feed and build an audience until you launch your website. With billions of users each day, having an account is excellent to optimize growth beyond local realms. 

Benefits of Using Facebook

Facebook has low-cost marketing campaigns that help target your specific audience by location, age, interest, and language.

An underrated and overlooked feature is the Facebook messenger app. 75% of marketers have used the app, but only 50% do not plan on using messaging apps into their planning. But what those fifty percenters are missing is the possibility to connect with new & potential customers. A messenger icon can be placed easily on a website, the user logs in with their Facebook profile, and is instantly connected. Businesses can manage their customer relationships, promote deals and information, and even let customers do in-app transactions.

Another benefit is that shared posts can end up in other news feeds. For example, if one customer likes the content that a company post, they can share that with their friends as well. This can be great exposure for the brand beyond their main following.

Brands can gain insight on post to gauge what content is doing well.

Companies can also create a custom audience from data to figure out who to target next.

Create stories that your followers can view. Inspired by Snapchat, Facebook, like many others, have a story feature where users can post videos and pictures for 24-hours. This is a great way to promote content or deals for the day in a short amount of time while also getting the word out to your followers. 



Acquired by Facebook, Instagram is one big social media frenzy with one billion active users monthly worldwide. With a simple click of a button, users can upload pics or videos to their feed or stories for their followers to see. Instagram can be a great way for businesses to engage with their following and create a visual brand persona.

Benefits of Using Instagram

Brands can choose between a regular Instagram or a free business Instagram. Business Instagram allows brands to use analytics, discover what posts are most engaging, and promote content through paid advertisement. 

It offers users to buy directly through the app. Instagram has a feature where a small shopping bag icon can be placed over an image. If a user clicks on the bag they can be taken to the companies site to purchase that item. 

Businesses can partner with influencers who are people with many followers who are usually paid to promote a product or service. This can increase brand awareness and follower count. 

A popular way of finding and creating a following is through the use of hashtags. They provide a user to see stories and posts related to a topic. Users can follow hashtags and discover others who also use that hashtag. Effective hashtags can help your business stand out. 

Since Instagram is a visual app, brands can find creative ways to grab attention. Attention-grabbing can be a great way to express a business's personality. 



This app is the micro-blog of the century. People love using twitter because of how short the post is. Users can get information quickly and keep up to date with the current live events in the trending section. Many brands like Wendy's and Etsy are using this app to promote content and interact with their followers. 

Benefits of Using Twitter

Businesses can promote their product or service in 280 characters or less. With the recent upgrade from 140 to 280 characters, users can say more of what they want. This shortage of text can help businesses get creative on how they drive customers to them. 

People love using Twitter as a customer service app. Many users will either complain about a company and expect some type of response from the brand. According to Twitter, 60% of users expect a response within an hour. This can be great for brands to remedy their public persona by engaging with an unhappy customer. 

Twitter doesn't have to be a place for just funny trends. It can also be a place for other professionals to learn about what's trending in their industry and connect with other professionals.



Even though we touched just the surface of social media, this is still a good intro before opening up any and every social media account. You can use more than these three such as Linkedin or Pinterest but here are some things to keep in mind:

To optimize the most out of your engagement and growth, tailor post to certain platforms. Like mentioned before, no two platforms are equal. 

Create engaging content by creating conversation starter pieces.

Though obvious, track performance. Utilize what methods work for you and get rid of ones that don't.

No matter which social media you use they can be great ways to reach customers and show off your brand personality. It's recommended to have at least one platform but having multiple platforms creates diversity. Pick a platform that you think works for your business and make sure to create a detailed marketing strategy. In no time, you will be a social media pro. 

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