Why Is Linkedin Crucial To My Business? Here Are The Top 4 Benefits

Author: Camryne Washington

LinkedIn is not like your average social media platform. Can you believe that LinkedIn has over 645 million members ? No wonder it's the world's largest professional network! Unlike the more personal social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram, LinkedIn enables users to promote themselves professionally. It’s the place for professionals like you, myself, and businesses to share and learn from one another. But do you know that you can gain from Linkedin besides networking? Here are some of our best benefits to creating a linkedIn for business page:

1) Connect With the Opponent 

It may sound weird to think about connecting with the enemy. You might think, 'I don't want them to know everything I know!' This is understandable, but like the saying goes, ‘Keep your friends close and your enemies closer’. (Not that you're actually enemies.) It's no secret that LinkedIn is the largest platform for professional connections. Businesses should use this to their advantage since this can help them monitor their competitors. Watching what other companies do is a way to check in to see what the competition is doing and learn how to stay ahead. They can figure out what trends are going on in the industry and what moves they can make to be better. 

2) Create Exposure for Your Business

LinkedIn can help businesses by serving as a platform to promote themselves. Like on any social media page, businesses can show off what they do through content and ads. People love to hear about products, services, and company news. It shows that your business is up-to-date and active. Anything you post can help your company reach millions of daily LinkedIn users.

Another way to create exposure for your business is through employees. Employees are brand ambassadors for your business, so why not let them promote you for free? You want them to spread the word and create more awareness beyond your business page. When a business connects with its employees, those employees can share company updates and promote them to other users. Even if employees only like a company's post, that post will be shared with their connections, creating greater visibility. 

3) Gain Credibility As a Thought Leader 

A thought leader is someone or something, such as a company, who is an expert in their industry and inspires people to learn from. Having a LinkedIn page is your first step towards legitimacy because it can solidify your business as a credible source. The more content you post that informs or inspires your audience, the more it can boost your image. Think about it, would you trust someone who says what they can do or someone who can show you what they do? Customers and even competitors want to see that your business is to be trusted. Through quality, coherent and original content, businesses can be seen as reliable because they are able to deliver their message clearly. 

4) Promote Your Content

Did you know that 2 million posts, articles, and videos are published every day? You should also be apart of that number too. According to LinkedIn, 97% of marketers use LinkedIn as their channel for content marketing. Businesses who promote their content will be able to show off what they do to many users which can boost SEO. Google and other search engines rank Linkedin pages and posts. Putting keywords in your URLs, content links, and job titles and descriptions provide your page a chance to be noticed by Google. LinkedIn business pages provide great insights to blog posts such as the engagement rate and click-through rate, which can help you analyze which post are popular. 

Bonus: Best Practices To Be Successful On LinkedIn

1) Stay consistent with posting. The best times to post content are Tuesday through Thursday at work hours of 9 to 11 because it's used by professionals who are working during the typical 5 day work week. The weekends are usually the worst, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t post. Publish content on a schedule that works for your company.

2) Promote your LinkedIn on other social media sites, business cards, and even word of mouth. This is an excellent way to grow your LinkedIn business page to others who might not have known it existed. 

3) Make sure your profile looks authentic and professional. Your summary should make your company stand out from the crowd. Have a logo and a detailed description of who you are and what you do. You can also optimize keywords in your description to boost SEO. 

4) Make sure that you link your LinkedIn business page on your company website. You should also have your company's website on your LinkedIn business page. 


Thankfully, creating a page for your business costs nothing. Realize these benefits and use these tips for your advantage. LinkedIn for business is essential to any company. Create a business page strategy that targets your needs and in no time you’ll be boosting your brand awareness, driving traffic to your website, and connecting with your customers. 

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