Mobile & Web App Development

As of today, approximately ,85% of consumers are preferring to shop via mobile apps rather than by mobile website. As such, having a mobile or web app that can successfully deliver your business’s message and core values can add tremendous value and reliability to it. Our team of skilled developers are always up to speed on the latest trends in web & mobile application development, which helps us build top-notch custom apps that meet your business-specific requirements and help generate value.

Mobile & Web App Development

The importance of a functioning web and mobile app

In the age of technology, web and mobile applications are essential for any business to stand out. They provide convenience for your customer, are easily customizable, and give your business a competitive edge. Mobile and Web apps should align perfectly with the user wants and needs in order for them to truly succeed and work as intended. 

Web development

With people always on the move, web applications allow your customers to connect to you wherever they go. Our team of experts will help you create the perfect, user-friendly, and hassle-free web application that will keep you and your customers happy. We develop high quality web applications that are consistent pixel-perfect and unique. Our skilled developers understand the principles of UX and are qualified to create and execute projects on all levels of complexity.  

Mobile development 

In today's business world, a great app is cutting-edge from your competitors as 75.1% of people use their mobile phones to access a business website. A mobile app can improve branding as a boost to marketing and sales. With our advanced mobile application software, we create a fast, unique, and visually stunning apps with a comprehensible interface. We code in custom transitions, animations and navigation to make each app unique and visually stunning. Our App Developers utilize the best practices in UI execution and optimized, lightweight backends to deliver apps that work fast, are easy to use and beautiful.

Deep native security integrations

Identity Vault works at the native layer, bringing together over a dozen native capabilities and security APIs for the best possible frontend protection.

  • TouchID
  • Android Fingerprint & PIN
  • FaceID
  • Android KeyStore
  • Apple Keychain
  • Native Session Timeouts
  • iOS Secure Enclave
  • Background Data Hiding

Web Applications

We conceptualize, design and develop complex online applications built around user interface and the specific needs of each business. We are experts in the development of corporate applications for both internal and external use and the aim to accentuate team organization, process optimization and productivity enhancement.

Cross-platform mobile applications

At Ioshka Media, we develop cross-platform mobile applications with complex functionalities and top-notch tools. We strive to ensure optimal performance and to maximize compatibility with a wide range of devices. We work closely with our clients to ensure that the mobile apps we develop adds both value and revenue to their business.

API Development

To deliver the most stable APIs, our team constantly engages in research and testing. All the APIs that we develop are not only robust, but they are also very stable. We have a highly enthusiastic team of API development experts who will take care of all your requirements. You can trust our team of API developers to deliver your project exactly as you vision it to be, creative yet innovative.

Software testing

We provide full life cycle testing that covers the main stages of project development, starting from requirements testing to the final testing at the release and deployment stages.

Consulting services

Through consulting services, we collaborate with clients from the inception of an idea to the project launch and get a better understanding of their creative vision. We take a close look at your project and provide proper feedback to ensure that our team can meet your utmost expectations.

Development tools

We work on alomst every developent platform to deliver the best of our services. Front end: html5, css, javascript,  jquery, materialize, angular, bootstrap.  Back end:  php, node js, Python. databases: couchDB, mongo DB,mysql, oracle, ms-sql.

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